Thursday, 15 March 2018

Dr Richard Carlson: Don't Sweat The Small Stuff pdf

My elderly father was insisting that I read this book. I though it may be of interest to people reading my blog and I do love sharing things.

Sadly this poor man died at the age of 45 back in 2006. Perhaps it is all the more important to read this book when you see how short this poor mans life was. he left behind a wife and children.

I guess the message is live your life to the fullest. Do silly things that make you and others feel good and laugh out loud. Happy happy joy joy all the way.

Wes Penre Facebook Closed


Just a quick heads up Wes Penre has made a decision to close off his personal Facebook page last night. The fan group is still open at this stage as is the forum.

This has been for personal reasons only. He needs a break after all the heavy research he has been doing, and of course he has his day time job. The Wes Penre papers as we know are now complete as his fans already know, so that is all he has to say on this subject.

I am not sure if the WPP website will stay up. That I will find out later from Wes. I am sure they will stay, however one file has been removed by someone without Wes knowing. Someone on Wes's personal Fb page commented on that last night.

For the record I took my self off the fan page as I was not comfortable with the way it is going, the direction change was not  Wes's doing.

However the forum has excellent information posted by many people that are quite up to speed on the current situation of  metaphysics and world events as the two are linked. The closed section of the forum, I don't know if Wes is accepting new members in to that yet. If I hear anything I will post a comment on her and my facebook page.

Keep smiling and laughing my possums 😃

Love Alex

Friday, 9 March 2018

I Disagree With Youth Doing Military Service

Why are people so quick to share this sort of rubbish on line? Not everyone is mentally  or emotionally equipped to do military service. Not just that, it should be a free will choice that the individual must make. Australia banned conscription a long time ago. We do not want it back or a modern version of it.

No one has the right to make you do something that is against your free will.  I would like to see Australian youth be taught skills and trades. Not being put into the position of being just a number and taking orders. In the military you are not there to think outside the box. You are there to obey and be compliant.

Let me tell you, much as I respect our men and women in uniform, there are many ratbags that bully others in the military. Do you want an innocent young person stuck there with no way to escape the bullying?  Don't think this is the answer to the plight of our youth. The government has let our youth down for decades.

Do you want to kill off the youth of today, given they have a high suicide rate and many pressures on them already? Teach them how to survive in this world, not give them a gun to fight illegal wars for the 1% that rule this planet.

Give them education and a moral and spiritual compass by which to live and guide future generations.

If you want to stop crime then toughen the laws and the penalties. Remember the biggest criminals are the ones that wear suits and work for governments or corporations.

Seeing people sharing this shows me just how spiritually un-evolved many people are. It says you are deeply lacking a fundamental part of humility and devoid of spiritual essence. How a parent especially can endorse this is beyond me.

Remember the women that handed out white feathers to young men back in WW1? This is the same ignorant mindset. If you people that share this garbage want to join up do it but,do not tell others to do so.

Lest they end up in the middle east or some other place with a toe tag on, be it on your head. Rather you than them!!

The truth has a very long memory

Truth has a very long memory, whether it be 10 minutes ago, a year ago or 10 years ago.
No matter how much it is hidden, it will always be there. Someone will find it, you can be sure of that. The truth will always live on.

Ye though I live in the shadow of a life that was, I hold my head up in righteousness fearing nothing and no-one.  I ask for nothing, only truth be acknowledged.

A life that is stolen, is a life that is owed and must be paid back. Pain can never be erased, think on that. There for go I, in the path of a life that once was and can never be again.

Just so close but so far away. Unable to acknowledge that which is yours. The silent pain is crushing and soul destroying.

Copyright Alex Fulford March 2018

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Hidden Disability Signs Needed

This is a wonderful idea. We need this now, but add to it other hidden disabilities, perhaps in  coded number format to signify the condition or disability. however some people may not be comfortable disclosing what sort of disability they have.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Full Moon On March 2 2018

Card Of The Month, March: 8 of Swords

The 8 of swords is the card for March 2018. This card asks you to step out of the situation that you find yourself in at present. For some it can be a reality check. This card presents itself when we are feeling restricted, confused or feeling powerless, usually caused by our own actions.

Always remember you are not powerless, you do have choices (yes sometimes the choices may be limited, so think carefully).
Notice the girl in the cards is surrounded by swords. However the swords are not in front of her blocking her way forward. There are also gaps between the swords, giving her wriggle room to escape her current situation. She must remove the self-imposed blindfold and binds. Only then will she be able to set herself free.

The key words for this card are, restricted, confused and powerless.
Notice also the water in front of her representing the mind.

The number 8 on this card first of all reminds me of the lemniscate or infinity symbol. Number 8 meanings can be both   temporal (physical world) and spiritual. Not being a numerologist myself, I can only give you a basic outline
of the number 8. Such as it can relate to money, power and it can relate to balance.  It is a karmic number so it can create or destroy.

Tread carefully if you are a number 8 person, such as your birth number or your name ads up to an 8.  Best stay honest and avoid harsh lessons in life.

Alex Says, Have A Wonderful Weekend

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Canberra Street Cats Alliance Need Your Help

Urgent donations are needed for little Amani.If you can assist, please do so. Every little bit helps.She has had surgery and is recovering. At present she is being fed  by a tube due to her having a broken jaw. I have just made a donation for this sweet little girl. The phone number to ring is 02 6242 7276  She is under the name Amani or Armani (St Clair) at the vet in Gungahlin.

Below is a cut and paste from th FB page of the CSCA.

Also on the mend is beautiful Amari. Amari only just came into care with other family members so hasn't been introduced yet to our page.
Amari proved her houdini skills are top notch when she escaped quarantine and took herself on an adventure. The adventure came to an abrupt halt when she was run over in the carpark.
She was rushed to emergency in critical condition a few days ago where she underwent emergency surgery and stabilisation. Our little miracle is now under 24 hour watch at Gungahlin and CVES clinics but is doing remarkably well. She has internal injuries which are expected to heal and also fractured legs and a fractured jaw. Her prognosis is good however due to the treatment she is receiving and she is expected to make a full recovery with time.
The vets have been incredibly supportive as they know we have limited funds and they are trying to keep costs as low as possible. We've paid 3,000 so far but there is still some left to pay.
If you would like to contribute towards her vet bills Gungahlin vet is happy for our supporters to contact them directly and mention it is for "Amari".


Beautiful Amani is resting and gaining strength. Thank you to everyone that has been donating towards her vet fees. We really appreciate it 💓