Monday, 24 April 2017

Anzac Day 25 April 2017

Kalbarri ANZAC Day 2015

In memory of all who fought and died fighting for what they believed in.

ANZAC Day is a very special day to all Australians and New Zealanders the world over. It marks something special with in  every one of us.

Ponder though the meaning of the poppy, we are told the red is for the blood that has been shed.
However, in occult practices dating back beyond ancient Egypt the poppy was  used in ritual magic ( and still is), as an opiate drug to confuse,sleep, for invisibility, fertility, abundance, agriculture and luck.

Red is also a colour for anger, blood, passion, the God of Mars, communism, the base chakra.

In ancient Egyptian religion, the God Shu was red, and red animals symbolized Seth.
The red poppy was sacred to Ceres, the Goddess of the harvest.
The face of the wine-God Dionysus was sometimes painted red.

The black of the poppy:

What the colour black symbolizes, Chaos, confusion, evil, the absence of light, it is a powerful colour spiritually. That is why the clergy and nuns wear it. It stands for hidden knowledge, it can block and reflect, the planet Saturn, break barriers . Black is for self control , time, patience.  Black also can be used to bring disharmony and confusion to ones enemy also. Black is used in of course; black magic, transformation.

Green leaves of the poppy:

 Money, fertility, wealth, material gain, health, healing, communication with the spirits of nature, anti-inflammatory. Venus is green - love. Making love (fond, red is for lust and sex), fidelity, reconciliation, beauty, youth, friendship, attraction, harmony, financial gain, increase the gain, social functions, possessions, wealth, indulgence, pleasure. Great for the beginning and growth. Venus is the master at Green - abundance, fertility, success, happiness in general, harmony, immortality, generosity, material gain, renewal, marriage, balancing and healing. Green can also be used to incite jealousy, greed, suspicion, resentment, illness, disorder, disharmony when applied to others and direct. Green is the color of the heart chakra.

Now these things don't come about for no reason, they are specifically chosen for these dark purposes. Add to that numerology. That is a very important factor in rituals, as is the time of year and season. We are almost into Beltane which is the 1st of May. This is also a high ritual date calling for blood. I won't dwell on this, you can google this if you are interested. One little thing to know is, adding up the numbers in a date  and then breaking them down in to a single number or compound number is part of the ritual using a specific date and time for the magic involved in a ritual.

I am no expert in this stuff, but I know many people that do get into the deep side of numerology for occult purposes. Any astrologer worth their salt is aware of this. There are many fringe "groups" that do "magic rituals" and they know how to manipulate energy for effect both good and bad..

Thursday, 20 April 2017


Rider Waite tarot card pack    $40
Tarot colouring book                $20
Illumination Mandala colouring books $12
Sunseal Decals $8
Mini Charts       $3
Wooden ash catchers $2.50
Incense sticks $2
Incense cones $4
Om mini candles $3
Smudging feather $9
Smudge Sticks $ 4 small $10   large
3 Kings charcoal blocks 10 in a pack   $6
Himalayan Salt Lamp, T light holders $10
Plug in Himalayan mini salt lamp for PC $14
Himalayan Salt Lamp 2 to 4KG $30
Tibetan scroll $10
Tibetan prayer flags Small $5
                                     Medium size $10
Silver elephant plate for incense sticks $8
Hexagonal silver plate for incense $6
Brass Bells $8 small $10 big (5 bells)

These items are for sale at time of consultation only.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Alex Has Posted Updates For Predictions For 2017, Both World And Australian

Here are some of the predictions that have come up on both World events and Australia. Oh do watch events on the world stage for May2017 I have a very bad feeling of more terrorism, and I include what the US and her allies have done in the middle east as terrorism. This is utterly disgusting and a very evil blight on humanity.  Scroll to the bottom to see the updates please.

See the updates at the bottom of the post. I will update as events unfold.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Wes Penre Discussion Board/Forum

I just thought of adding this discussion board/forum link here for those that are interested in interacting with Wes and others; to discus metaphysics and other topics. I do think it is a very interesting forum with rather broad minded people, and you will learn a lot from reading and interacting with the individuals that participate. Bear in mind many of them are not psychic and are not able to perceive the things that I see and this is their opinions. Your opinions are just as valid and just as important as the next persons.

I must say though some of the meditations that people engage in are a waste of time and I do not recommend them at all. I feel they lead you up a blind alley spiritually speaking, and do not really offer you anything spiritually beneficial. I have been there and know from experience and do not endorse this practise.

 I will not endorse anything that I will not do myself and I believe in a strong duty of care to others. Should you do this please gold light and use as much spiritual protection as you can and do NOT under any circumstances make any agreement with any beings what so ever. I cannot stress this enough again for experience.

Now while I do read his work and have much respect for Wes, I do not get involved in anything to do with other writers that he talks about. I do have the occasional brief conversation with Robert Morningstar though via Facebook chats.


To The Selfish Inconsiderate Phone Caller At 2.10 am This Morning

Please be considerate and do not phone me at 2.10am Australian Eastern Standard time. Check the time if you are overseas; and have some consideration for people that are sleeping.  For example; there is a minimum of 12 hours difference between the UK and Australia for a start give or take daylight savings. How hard can it be to go on line and work out the time difference. FFS Not even a text message, which would have been the more sensible thing to have done!!

This is utterly selfish and no regard for others. Nothing is that serious that you cannot email me, which  my general overseas clients tend to do anyway. No one is going to die if you cannot reach me immediately. During working hours, I have work to do also. So that is why there is a message telling people to leave a message. If you really want to make a booking then READ my website for instructions. Better still find some one else to annoy at stupid O'clock am.

I have a family that do not want a phone ringing in the small hours of the morning. How would you like it if you were woken up and your entire house hold at that time?

The reason why I take 50% deposits to is to stop people wasting my valuable time, all you need to know is on my website, blog and  on face book.

Some individuals clearly do not take the time to read things on my website, blog or Facebook page, See that little thing saying "Services", or "About Alex " try bloody reading it you might learn something!!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Smudge Sticks For Sale At Alex's Office

Hi again peeps

I just got a supply of American White Sage smudge sticks in from Tulsi Incense, this morning.
I mainly got the small ones in and just a few larger (18cm) ones. Most people will only use smudge sticks now and again so it is better just to keep a lot of the small sticks which are 8cms long. I will be selling them in as from today as a regular product.

I see  quite a few people that use these smudge sticks, and also some clients have energy problems in their homes. I  will keep the prices cheaper than what you will buy in the local shops.

Small 8cm sticks will be $4    Large 18cm sticks will be $10  at the time of your consultation, so you see I am not making a profit at all. My reason for this is people are sometimes caught short and need to do a cleansing and if they happen to be having a reading from me. I can save them the trip to the shops to buy the smudge sticks. Some times the shop could even be out of stock when you call  too. So I am saving you time and money including petrol expense driving to the shops.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Spitoon Joke; Ultimate In Gross

Alrighty! I was after the ultimate gross out joke that I could find, and this one rings the bell. I recall my dad telling me this one as a kid and I was dry heaving at it. I didn't even read through this as it makes me ill, lol. Just a fast cut 'n paste to put it on here.

These two guys were sitting in a bar that had a spitoon.  The spitoon
was filled almost to the brim with old tobacco juice, flegm, and other
refuse/secretions.  After a few, one guy says to the other, "I'll give
you $100 if you take a sip from that spitoon."  The other guy
immediately grabs the spitoon and, lifting it to his lips, takes a
healthy slug.  "All right, you win," says the first guy, but his
friend keeps gulping down the goop pouring out of the spitoon.
"Please stop, you're making me sick," says the first guy, but his
friend keeps chugging the flegm.  "I can't stand it, I'll give you
another $100 if you stop!"

Finally, the spitoon is empty, and the guy puts it down and belches.
"Why didn't you stop" asks his disgusted friend?  "I tried to, but it
was all one piece!"

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Alex's Visit to Lanyon Homestead

Yesterday I went out to Lanyon homestead to see the house, I was aware there was a lady in spirit there. However I was surprised to be greeted by James Wright (one of the men that built the house) in spirit. I informed the staff and they showed me a photo of him; which confirmed to me that it was him as I described the man to the staff; and what he was wearing. He accompanied my husband and myself around the house and property the whole time we were there. How amazing is that.

Right from the moment My husband and I went up to the front of the house I started to see spirit people around the house. The energy was very strong. On entering the house I was greeted by James Wright. He was very pleased to show the house off to us. I expressed how I really loved the house and that I am very much an old world person, preferring things of the early 20th century to modern life. 

When I saw James in spirit he looked much younger than this photo.  His hair was brown , he still had the bushy beard which was grey.He was wearing a white shirt with braces instead of a belt on his trousers, beige  trousers and riding boots. I thanked him for accompanying us around the property.

There were a few spirit beings there at the homestead. Not just the famous lady that is seen my many.
She was in a yellow dress full skirt of the Victorian era. I saw her and felt her presence in the hallway of the house 

At this point I started to inform the two ladies that were working in the house taking admission fees. They were rather delighted to hear about James being seen there as it is only just the lady that many people see. The ladies then went and pulled out a photo of James and an old book to help identify the person that I was seeing.
After having a look through the dining room I suddenly went cold and was surprised to see people sitting at the table enjoying a meal and lively conversation. I thanked them for allowing me to see them and expressed my love for the house again.

From there we went out into the back courtyard and again more spirit activity. I turned to my husband and told him there were a few horses here' I think three or four of them. Some chestnut or dark brown, and people grooming them and getting them ready to be ridden. When I walked in to one of the out buildings where the old saddles and reigns are kept, I heard a young man yell out BLAST. He cut his finger on something. He was not aware that we were there. I just laughed and told my husband what I heard and saw.

Next we went into the servants quarters which were in a separate small building. The bedroom was so sparse a basic bed and a wardrobe,a hand made bedside table  of very poor quality. just planks of rough wood knocked together into a table. Sitting on the bed was a young teenage girl with dark long hair and a night cap on. She looked a happy soul. I did say sorry for the intrusion on her privacy and I did tell her the date. I dare say all of these people in spirit are well used to the intrusions in to their daily lives in spirit. Still I like to be respectful and not treat them as anything less than who they are. Just because they are in spirit does not give others the right to think of them as part of the entertainment.

There are several reasons as to why a spirit being will be seen at different age groups
One is they revert back to looking how they did in their 20s to 30s when being back in spirit. Also it is down to how the individual wishes to be identified by those that see them. If the person was known to you personally they will show you how they looked when you knew them.

Having said that sometimes I have a spirit come through when conducting a reading and they first come through as the looked just prior to death and then show me how they looked at different ages. It is really up to the individual spirit being. The personality, ego, etc stays the same until they reincarnate, only then will that change. Eyes do not seem to change from life time to life time. I have no idea why that is though.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Ghost Nun In The Window

Staging her last act of defiance. Just as well she didn't do a Mrs Doubtfire and give them the finger.

I Will Not Be Dishonest; And Tell A Client What They " Want " To Hear

I have had a lady this week that decided not to pay the balance of her reading. I sent her a polite reminder to do so and as yet she has refused to respond. She has the time on her hands to do so. I can only assume that this was because I didn't tell her what she WANTED to hear.
I will never tell a client what they WANT to hear. If you do not like to hear the truth then perhaps I am not the reader for you.
I have a highly reputable reputation both nationally and internationally. I will not lie to a client, I will not play into their mind games either. My regular clients can attest to my honesty and integrity. I have nothing to prove to anyone nor will I waste my valuable time doing so. I cannot change what the cards say or influence anything, nor would I ever think of doing so.
Please remember that I am bound by a very strict code of ethics by the International Psychics Association as well as my own strong moral values and Cosmic Law. I take these responsibilities very seriously indeed.
In some circumstances I have to warn clients about the course of actions that should be avoided, however should that client ignore the advice then so be it. All I can do is advise nothing more.

We live in a free will universe also; so please bear in mind the consequences of any individuals actions whether good bad or indifferent. The results are far reaching and each individual must be accountable only for their actions and theirs alone.


Spirit Caught In Photograph Taken At Garrion Tower: Wishaw, Scotland

This is a photo that was posted on Facebook and it shows a lady in spirit; that lived in the house that the picture was taken in. You will also notice some form of energy above the light fitting as well as just slightly to the right of the light fitting. The lady can clearly be seen smiling. Spirits were the originals at photo bombing, lol.  It is amazing what can happen when taking a photo in old houses.
I find these things really interesting, and often tune in to the person in spirit.

I would like to thank the owner of this amazing photograph for allowing me to share her photo with everyone who reads my blog. The house in which the photo was taken is Garrion Tower in  Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland. I lived in Wishaw when I was about 3 years old back in 1966.

I didn't know about this house in all the time that I lived in Scotland. I would love to see this house. I actually went to Garrion academy back in the mid 70's and I don't recall anyone talking about the house. But  I heard many ghost stories of the suburb of Gowkthrapple where the school is situated. Lanarkshire is a very historical and haunted region steeped in intrigue. I intend ordering some local history books shortly on Motherwell and Wishaw; as it is part of my family history and I really love the history of where I come from.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Alex Shares Handouts Via Email Along with A FAQ Sheet and Price List

😃With face to face clients; I have a little notice for them to read before a reading commences. It is a little heads up to advise them the reading is not a counselling service; and explains about how a persons emotions at the time of the reading affects the quality of the reading. 

I will now attach this to all emails to clients booking readings as it is a good little heads up and prepares them for the appointment along with the FAQ sheet  and the services  price list that I attach to emails too. 

I like people to have heaps of information at their finger tips so they are comfortable and clued up. All  face to face clients are given a little handout on psychic protection and a few other things of interest. This has been my practice for many years.

Should you be an overseas client or interstate client I will now email the little hand out that face to face clients are given to you too.  I strongly believe in people being fully in control of their spiritual empowerment and spiritul protection.

There are many ways to do psychic protection  and it is best to stick to what one feels comfortable with. Gold light is the highest of spiritual protection and is very powerful. So this is why I ensure that every client is aware such a thing exists and how to employ gold light protection for themselves and loved ones. It is very simple to do.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Alex's Newly Updated Website Featuring FAQ Page

I have just added a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to my website. This should assist people in understanding a little more about the function of a medium, as there are many assumptions that may not be correct.

Testimonials have also been updated, as this is also important to assist people in making a booking. Thank you ever so kindly for stopping by to read my blog, website, Facebook, Instagram
 and Twitter posts. 

I am trying to inject a little humour in to the mix from time to time as I feel with so much sadness in the world; we need time for a bit more silliness and cute stuff.  

Monday, 20 March 2017

Good Bye Miss Lily

Poor little Miss Lily (our  canary) went to the vet this morning. She was in pain after a falcon attacked her on  When suddenly a falcon swooped in and attacked her. We have never had falcons in our yard before, so this was most unusual.

Before being euthanatized; the vet examined her and discovered the leg was broken above the joint with a lot of force that all the tendons etc were broken. Her little leg was dead and the vet said its best to put her to sleep, which I knew had to be done. She wasn't eating or drinking either.

So Miss Lily went over the rainbow bridge with the spirit shaman and, she let me see her soul leave her body. It was like a soft white cloud of energy. I took her home to bury her. But as soon as I got out of the car I saw my dogs Sparky and Gromit in spirit rushing up to greet me as I got out the car. That was a wonderful experience and right out of the blue.

We love you Lily and thank you for being part of our large family, Bless you xxx

Thank you Snu and Puss xxx

I would like to also say thank you to the loving staff at Parkway Veterinary Clinic( formerly known as Wanniassa Hills Veterinary Clinic) on Drakeford Drive at Kambah. The people there are the most loving and caring people that I have ever met. We have been with this practice over 20 years. The care they give and the love they have is wonderful. True fur baby lovers.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Curiosity May Have Killed The Cat,

Alex Says: Sometimes Life Just Needs A Slap In The Ass

Alex Has New Advertising

I finally decided to get new advertising signs for my car. The old ones lay in the garage after the last car accident. I also felt uncomfortable with them on the car. But Hell advertising is what every person in business has to do. And every man and his dog advertise this way these days. I just have an unusual line of work. Hey it could be worse, I could be an undertaker that is very enthusiastic, with an advert image doing the thumbs up sign, always glad to meet and greet new customers.

Friday, 17 March 2017

GlaxoSmithKline Pay $3b Fine After Pleading Guilty To Healthcare fraud

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Like I say everything has a price and these people will pay not just in financial ways, but also,with cosmic law. And by their actions they be known. By thy will so may it be and it is so.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Clairvoyants And Psychics

The purpose of this article is to answer some of the most commonly asked questions by people

looking for a reading.

Q: What is the difference between a psychic, clairvoyant and a medium?

A: In simple terms, a psychic has the ability to see events past, present and future, usually with the aid of an instrument (tarot cards, runes, crystal etc). A medium has the ability to communicate with spirit. A clairvoyant is a step up from psychic working with a higher energy, seeing as the name suggests clear seeing. Some psychics and clairvoyants are mediums but not all.

Q: So if I go to see a medium will they be able to put me in touch with someone who has passed over?

A: Yes and No. A medium cannot control who, if anyone will be present to communicate with. Spirits have free will the same as the living and cannot be made to present themselves. Quite often the spirit who presents themselves will be someone totally unexpected by the client.

Q: How accurate is the reading?

A: No reading will be 100% accurate. You should expect a reasonably accurate reading of past and present events, but the future is subject to free will of both client and those around them. Nothing is set in stone.

Q: What sort of reading is best? Most people seem to offer Tarot readings. Is that because they are more accurate?

A: The accuracy of a reading depends on the reader, not the tools they use. The use of Tarot cards is a relatively recent development. In past times readers would use many different items, even something as simple as a bowl of water to focus on. The general public accept Tarot cards as a valid instrument so that’s why most readers use them. Just remember the power is in the reader not the tools they use.

Q: How often should I get a reading?

A: There is no hard and fast rule to this. Some say every three (3) to six (6) months. A lot depends on what you expect from a reading. A few points to consider:

. If you have a reading and you feel it wasn’t what you wanted to hear you may feel the need for a second opinion. There is no harm in this however, remember a good ethical reader will not just tell you what you want to hear.

. Events that are predicted can take time to eventuate, sometimes a few years. Time scales are fluid and expecting events to occur in short periods is unrealistic.

. A good reading is not cheap. Repeated readings in a short period of time, that tell you the same thing is not value for your money.

. If you want another reading in a short period of time with the same reader, they may seek to discourage you from doing so. Don’t take this the wrong way. They may feel that you would be better off waiting for a while, to give time for events to unfold.

Q: I often see the term “For entertainment purposes only” in some ads for psychics, why is that?

A: Some time ago, certain organised religions decided to bring pressure on governments to curtail the work of people providing readings. To avoid legal issues, all readings are provided in the basis that they are for entertainment purposes only, and no warranty is given to the efficiency of the results. This is why readers will steer away from issues of a legal or medical nature. A good reader will explain that readings do not replace medical or legal advice and should never be relied upon in these matters.    

Q: Will I learn anything bad? I don’t want to hear about a loved one’s impending death or even my own for that matter.

A: Psychics are governed by a code of ethics that dictates that certain information should not be disclosed to a client. No reading should ever leave a person distressed. A good reader will not lie, but will also explain; why certain things cannot/should not be revealed no matter how much they are asked to do so. There must always be a duty of care towards the clients.

Q: What if I do not get the answer that I am after?

A: If you have a reading and you feel it didn’t meet your expectations, let the reader know. Some readers do not ask you to verbalise your question and rely on what they pick up from your energy. If you have a specific question that you need answered, let the reader know in advance.

Q: I asked a prospective reader to prove they were the real deal, and they refused why?

A: Imagine going into any professional and asking them to prove they knew what they were on about. If you want to ensure you are getting a good reader, do your research, look for any awards they have attained. And check their professional memberships. If you feel a connection with the reader you have chosen, then there is an excellent chance you will get a good reading.

Q: I went for a reading and the reader said they couldn’t read for me, why? Should I be worried?

A: Readers can get a psychic block with some clients. This can be because the client is not in a good frame of mind at that point in time, for whatever reason or, the client may be actively resisting the reader. The reader may just be having an off day; sometimes the reader can shut down due to psychic exhaustion. It is rare, and a good reader will not charge you for the appointment and suggest a later appointment might be better.
A point to remember also, readers have a private life too, they have families and the same problems in life as their clients have; and still have to be on top to read for their clients. That is no easy task.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Australian Prime Minister And Wife Tied To Big Pharma Pushing Mandatory Vaccination

Sociopaths have quite a grip on the minds of the masses to enforce this human rights violation. BUT, they can only do this by the power given to them by people who throw away their human rights like trash.

I for one am fully aware of my rights and what human sovereignty means . I am fully aware of what the sovereignty of a nation is. Most are not or don't give a shit and that is why we have this situation.
These sociopaths know exactly how people think. That is why they do what they do.

There are not many doctors that are free thinking individuals either, nor are they going to refuse the kickbacks from big pharma, so they have a vested interest in this too. Ask your own GP what is their stand on this as a human rights issue. Don't tell me they are not fully aware of the whole issue, and are also quite comfortable in the violation of the UN charter that prohibits the forced medication of any human being. Remember children  cannot give consent,  their rights are being violated here.
There  are spiritual consequences to this and everyonethat comits the violation of the free will of an other being is subject to  the  full force of cosmic law. It makes no difference if you believe  in this or not. It is a fixed thing that we cannot  avoid every thing has a price.

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The UN do not have a good reputation themselves and often flaunt the rules and have hostile members as most people are aware. But the point is we all have human rights which come under natural law. These laws are not to be invalidated by anyone for any reason.

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This is a link to a Harvard trained Immunologist on vaccines,  pleas take the time and effort to  read for yourself.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Michel,Tsarion : Occult History Of Ireland

Michael Tsarion is one of the better researchers of the past. He is very passionate about the history of  Ireland too. He puts his money where his mouth is unlike other approved historians.

When Michael talks about Queen Scotia, she is also known as Meritaten in ancient Egyptian history. Sister of king Tutankhamen, Nefertiti is their mother.You will find through deep research there is Celtic ancestry within this bloodline, prior to them arriving in Ireland/ Eire. By the way Ireland is a bastardised word to insult the peoples of Eire it means, no land. Which in reality is a most sacred land, brought down by great evil from the out side.

Do not just take my word for this, don't shoot the messenger, you need to read things for yourself. It is no good just accepting what is written. That is the way people are indoctrinated by the education system learning parrot fashion. I am most definitely not pro standard education because it is nothing but conformed indoctrination. Not for those that are free thinkers. It can only give a certain amount of knowledge then the individual that is a free thinker must take matters into their own hands.


Scottish Identity Line Up

First meme that I have ever made, lol. Share the hell out of it peeps, lol. 

Stephen Hawkings Calls For World Government To Stop A I Apocalypse

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Musk's comment in 2015, is totally different from what he has said in 2017 about AI. That tells you that you can't trust what ever  comes out of his mouth.
As for Hawkings, I  have had a firm distrust  of him from the start.  Both are pro a one world government. They do not give a damn about humanity. It pays to keep a book marked copy of the news articles to call them out on what they say.

If you read my blog then you wll be fully aware of the push to bring both of these things to fruition. It is all about money and power.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Michael Tsarion: Unslaved Podcast , The Sun With Gregory Sams

Every psychic worth their salt knows that all life is linked and all planets and stars are sentient beings and  have their own consciousness or life force. If the ancients knew this, its speaks great volumes of the dumbing down of modern man. I would go as far as saying the power behind the Vatican is responsible for this dumbing down of modern man and it is still in progress.

Elon Musk Thinks Humans Need To Become Cyborgs

this HTML class. Value is http://www.theverge.

NOTE: The original post link is gone from this as I tried to link it this morning to a new post. Just type in the title from my page into a Google search and it will come up. There is other stuff posted there also. Please read the comments, by the more aware individuals. This is not a topic for a closed minded individual. Sadly those are the ones that may end up in the unfortunate position we want to avoid.  From the Guardian 15 Feb 2017

This guy is off his head,  what he proposes means you will no longer be human. You will lose the divine spark that makes humanity very unique spiritual beings. Humans are supposed to be multidimensional divine beings. In the physical world we are spirit, having a physical world experience.

I  have pointed out before; this is locked in for humanity, only those that are aware and refuse will be safe. Silence is consent to these people. The soul cannot survive in a vessel that is artificial intelligence. You can bet your bottom dollar Musk will not be so stupid as to do this himself. No, thats what you force on the gullible masses. One must ask the question, who are his handlers? This is a very evil agenda that has been planned.

To Understand this please have a look at Wes Penre's ebook; Synthetic Super Intelligence, download the PDF file for free.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant Medium: Find her Dlook Website

Deposit at the time of booking is essential. Remember to give your name, Phone number and email address to assist with making your appointment. Rest assured all readings are confidential and impartial.



Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant Medium: Find Her Advert On Dlook

Alex's listing in Dlook. Click on the link. you can leave a review on here as well as my blog.

Alex Says A Quick Heads Up For Booking An Appointment

Hello again,

Just a little reminder for everyone. When contacting me to make a booking Via texting or email.
I really need your name and email address and your phone number to make the booking and to send you your confirming email. I need a booking deposit to confirm the booking.

As I have pointed out already too many people make appointments with either no intention of turning up of just change their mind.


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Critical Knowledge: The Legal Ownership of All Souls by the Vatican… Since 1306!

They do not own me, my parents were smart enough not to baptise me. I was raised High church of Scotland (Protestant). But I will have nothing to do with the evil called religion. I am spiritual. NO not a Spiritualist, that is still part of the same artificial construct of control as is the New Age movement.

Being spiritual is way above anything created in this third dimensional world. I connect with my higher-self or over soul because that is the purest thing to being the all that is, and all that ever will be, the divine spirit/ the divine feminine.

I have gone through the process of cancelling all soul contracts and agreements including the artificial construct known as Karma. I do not believe in nor will I accept it. This is my path and my truth. I live my life in peace and truth.

NOTE: notice the name Ba'al! Why the hell  would you worship such evil as Ba'al? That is alarm bells ringing right there. Not just that but the Popes only are a representative of Lucifer/En-Ki, because he is as they have admitted, the God of this earth and by theft. The black pope ( Jesuit general), has the power over the white pope too.

The pine cone represents the Pineal gland or third eye, NOT a fertility symbol, and this goes back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and further. The triple crown is also alluding to three levels of consciousness, the conscious self, the soul and the higher-self. The fact that Christianity is a hotch potch of many faiths is also needing to be addressed here too. They stole from every faith that they could to create this evil monster.

There is so much  esoteric ritual, symbology and magic (kabala)  involved here is it unbelievable. Unless you are prepared to do the research you will not fully comprehend the depths to this evil.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Michael Tsarion: Priesthood of Illes

This is the latest podcast, I myself haven't listened to it as I don't have time but I will. I leave you the readers to make up your own mind on these posts.



I have just watched this and I totally agree with what Michael says. I have been saying for 20 years human society is degenerating. It cannot be  any other way.  Everything is cyclical, cycles within cycles of thousands of years. Remember  the third dimension  is a locked frequency. Like being stuck on a radio station and we cannot change the dial. We are not permitted to change the dial. Yes we are going down the drain. But unless  the individual wakens up, they will keep, doing the groundhog day thing for millions of years again.

To understand  this one must be prepared to do a hell of a lot of research. Starting with books of Connor MacDari, Ignatius Donnelly, Zachariah Sitchen, Plato etc, as basic reading. Micheal Tsarion in his ebooks  lists some very good  authors, some of which I have read.
Michael 's bookes are a must have, as are Wes Penre's books.

Keeping notes is a must for frequent reference.  So if like me this stuff floats your boat. Print off the Wes Penre e books and get the Michael Tsarion ebooks from They are very valuable resource tools.

One also needs to understand the concept of soul contracts and agreements and, that they can be canceled. There is a post on this blog on soul contracts.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Change Of Furnishings To My Office

New look for the office. I was sad to get rid of the old stuff as I just adore the early 20th century furniture. I hope that the people who bought it from Tiny's Green Shed will have a lot of happiness and enjoyment out of it. It was sent with a lot of love and blessings to the new owner. Paying it forward is what it is all about peeps. We must pay it forward pees when ever we can to help others.

Link To Official Website Posted On Blog Now

Just advising everyone I have now put a link to my official website on the right-hand side of this blog. You will see the PayPal sign. Just click on that and it takes you through to the main page and scroll down to select the service you require. Please remember though bookings are not confirmed until the deposit is paid and you will be issued with an official receipt with your appointment time and date. Please read the notification thoroughly.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Alex's New Payment Details Effective from March 1 2017

Just breaking down the deposits starting from tomorrow

$130 AU Tarot reading  60 mins deposit is $37.00AU
$75AU Tarot reading    30 mins deposit is $37.50AU

Spiritual healing is the same for the same time. You are paying for my time with healing.

$150 Wax drawing reading 60mins deposit is $70
Please remember with this reading it is highly complex, and also the materials involved too.

The PayPal button will be on my DLook website to start with and then an update on this blog too.
Please click on the link to my Dlook website and scroll down to find the PayPal button.

please allow a couple of hours  today for it to be active (28 Feb 2017)

When making a booking I need your PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS. This helps both of us, If I have an emergency at home say, and I need to break the appointment and reschedule it. Then I can contact you immediately. For you, you know that your booking is secured. You will be given an emailed receipt to confirm your appointment. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Thanks For The Slap In The Face Ladies!

Why is it my Canberra clients have problems leaving a review on my face book page  by email or my Dlook page
 I am talking regular clients over many , many years, as well as people that come 2 or 3 times a year who say how amazing I am when, I pass on spirit messages and tell them things that I have no possible way of knowing. Yet many other readers have oodles of reviews.
So tell me ladies why will you not leave me feedback.? A simple request which is on the top of e...very multi page hand out that I give every client in the past 11 years of highly skilled professional readings. You come into my home and yet you insult me.
Not one person that has been in the heart breaking situation of losing a spouse or child have I charged, for hour long readings often going into two hours, at my own time and at much loss to me financially WHY? Because I care about humanity? So it's ok?
Not one of these people, have ever shown me a tiny bit of thanks, by leaving me a small written thank you of a few words in an email. This is most galling, down right sickening. They just walk out the door of my home and that's it. I feel deeply for them otherwise at the end of the reading to their surprise, I tell them I cannot accept payment from you. You are grieving and have a funeral to pay for.
Feel free to find a new fool , that will blow smoke up your arses ladies. You know what I lost a son last year, I know what pain and suffering is I have lost 2 children in the past 18 years. I ask for nothing. I humbly have asked my clients only 3 times in 11 years to be kind enough to leave me a little feed back. But hey you know what I will never ask again.

I am a fool to trust you in the first place. There will never be any more free readings for any one. I have to pay top dollar ( when in a situation where I was suffering) for a reading; that does not even cover the stuff that I cover and often go over time with . No it's times up and out the door. Is it perhaps because I am spiritual that people think here's a fool? Spiritual does not mean that I am an idiot!! The actions of the selfish though; speaks volumes that I will not forget!

Its the last time that I will be a willing and gullible fool. Thank you ladies for slapping my face I sure needed it. But no more freebies. and pay by PAYPAL from now on There will be no other option. Yes, I get the odd one that says at the end Oh I don't have enough with me. Clearly knowing so before hand and having the gal to come into my home! Thanks for the slap in the face I needed it.

Alex's Fees Are Changing As Of March 1, 2017

As of Wednesday,1st March 1 2017 Readings fees will be increased to $130.00 per hour, $75 for 30 mins as will healing. Wax readings will be $150. I have kept my fees the same for 11 years while others have increased their fees. So I feel that it is only right to do likewise. Stay tuned for further updated to new payment details to be posted shortly.


Moth Holes in Your Soul

To accept the spirit of generosity in a dishonest way eats away at the soul. It is more prudent to be wise and live life with integrity rather than have little moth holes in your soul. Alex Fulford

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Can I Please Have Some Client Feedback

Hi peeps

Would people that have had readings from me, be ever so kind as to leave a comment on my Facebook page and on my DLook advert. I would be ever so grateful, as it also helps people make up their mind as to whom they may decide to have a reading from.

Readings are such a very intimate thing and one needs to be able to discern who is the right person to conduct a reading for you. Whether it is of a personal nature, work or business related etc. We are drawn to a particular Psychic or Clairvoyant for a particular reason.

Much love and gratitude


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Attention Canberra: Parkway Vetnery Clinic Needs Forever Homes For Three Kittens ASAP

Image may contain: cat

Firstly, there is Minni, who came to us when her previous owners could no longer look after her. Minni is used to living with children, adores cuddles, and a good stretch when she comes out of her cage for a

Image may contain: catImage may contain: cat

THE BREAD BAG KITTENS - now Crumpet and Waffle - were found hanging from a tree, in a bread bag, when they were only a couple of days old. Fortunately, the young boys who found them brought them straight to Parkway Veterinary Centre, where they have been cared for ever since - but now it's time for them to launch out into the big-wide-world and settle into a home of their own. They are very affectionate, and well used to being handled. As they had to be fed every three hours when they first came in, the Vet Nurses took it in turns to take them home at night and over the weekends. These kittens are very close to each other, and we believe that it is essential that they go to the same home.

This is a cut and paste from the FB page from our family vet Chris Andreson and his wonderful wife Catherine Allen.

Drakeford Centre, 9 Jenke Circuit, Kambah
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Parkway Veterinary Centre

Call (02) 6231 5129

Surgery hours are 8am to 6pm. mon to from. Sat 8.30 to 12.00pm Closed on Sundays.

Chris Anderson has been our family vet for many years. I could not wish to have a better vet caring for my fur babies. This man is very loving and compassionate with animals and all of his staff are too. You will see that when you go there for your first visit. I would not go anywhere else  to be honest.

Chris is of very high standing in the Canberra community. His love for animals will put you at ease and his dedicated staff are like minded when it comes to loving and caring for animals. They really want people that are serious about cats to adopt these lovely little ones. I personally got to meet them early this week when I popped in to pick up medication for two of my very elderly cats. 


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Alex Is On Instagram

Well this little dinosaur finally got Instagram and has it working. I now have to put pictures on it it seems, lol Just bear with me and I will show some nice pickies.

It ain't easy being an old fart ya know!


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

What Is Also In Store For Australia in 2017?

Please note : Readings are done from an impartial position, reading the cards in front of me. I  have no interest in politics.

Looking at the cards once more, this time at Australian politics. As many already suspect Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is on a sticky wicket so to speak, he struggles to keep the rank and file of his party under control. There are moves to oust him Rudd Style by his opponents within the Liberal ranks. I feel by winter 2017 or at the very latest it will be winter 2018, he will be replaced. I am pretty sure that it will be winter 2017 though.

In house leadership coups are the new trend in Australian and British politics, and are  here to stay.

I see a man with light coloured hair and an oval face replacing Mr Turnbull, similar in appearance to Kevin Rudd. This is no doubt Scott Morrison. Peter Dutton will be in the spotlight again, a rise to prominence, this feels like a portfolio shift perhaps into finance.
The Liberals will never break ranks with the British monarchy either, it's just not the done thing in their eyes.

In the Australian Labor Party it is Bill Shorten to be tumbled from his position. He seems not to be an effective leader; because he has never really proven himself in the political arena.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party is on a slippery slope, she has made very poor choices in whom she lets into the party and this will kill the party. In a few years she won't even recognise the party, as it will be nothing like it's original intended form. She trusts the wrong people and these people will  deliberately  sabotage the party in a seek and destroy mission and then jump ship.

The Australian navy are in the news again I see a navy patrol boat in what looks like border protection issues, Manus Island again.

Heads of Government meeting in Brisbane this winter, Tax reforms and more funding cuts.
More people are turning their backs on the failed government, preferring to be self sufficient.

More unsettling news in the media, protests and  demonstrations to come over Muslim immigration, President Trump and general political unrest in Melbourne and Sydney.   The government needs to look at sedition laws once more.

The race card is being played again by political extremists, some of which are in government positions; and in the community to rile up and confuse people. I do not think Turnbull can handle this one, it will spill over into the community.

The Australian Federal Police are back in the news again.



This is the third thing to come up from my 2017 predictions.

Second thing to come up was Pru Goward in the spotlight again she is dark haired. 30 January 2017

Protests in Melbourne are on going in 2017 already

Homeless protests in Melbourne

On Australian predictions I also said Manus Island will be back in the spotlight along with the Australian Navy, however these do not have to be linked. The Navy has already came up with minor news articles. Nothing significant yet.

Copyright Alex Fulford 31 January 2017

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Polite Notice To People Who Habitualy Cancel Appointments

A polite notice to people that habitually make bookings and then cancel. I run a business not any different to any other proffessional. My time is valuable. Should you make bookings and cancel more than twice, a 50% deposit via PayPal, will be required should you make any further bookings.

As a Clairvoyant/ clear seeing, Claircognisant/Clairsentient/clear knowing and feeling. Of course I know already when the person making the booking will change their mind, not turn up or not bother to notify me, when they decide not to keep their appointment. That is my job to know this.

One does not break appointments with other proffessionals without incurring a surcharge for wasting valuable time. These bookings whither for myself, other psychics or other proffessions are in allotted time slots. People must think before committing to an appointment with any proffessional, as fees and charges are incurred.

You will find many top psychics are charging booking fees/deposits or, a cancelling fee for cancelling or for not turning up for the appointment, which could go to some one else that is in dire need of a reading. Many Psychics ask you to pay up front before you have your reading such as booking on line for a reading

It is downright ignorant and selfish not to give any thought to the person that you have made a booking with. This is our livelihood and we are legally entitled to ask you for a booking fee at the time of making an appointment. Just like you have to do at Psychic Fairs.

I personally will only charge a booking fee for people that  book and cancel more than twice. Most of my clients are thoughtful and respectful long term clients. Please check your finances before thinking about making an appointment with anyone. Thank you for reading this and being respectful of the service and skills that you are paying for.


Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant Medium: The International Psychics Directory 2017 Is In Stock Now

Hi Peeps,

Just letting everyone know I have a box of the International Psychics Directory 2017, freshly arrived this morning from Leela Williams of the International Psychics Association . All clients will receive a complimentary  copy with their reading form Alex until stock runs out.

These magazines are free and only available from members of the association or at Psychic fairs, Body Mind and Spirit Expos. You cannot get them through a newsagent as from 2017.

Don't forget you can also go on to the website and find a Psychic in your state or territory. Please click on the link for finding someone in your area.

Love Alex

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Not Acceptable Behaviour For Anyone!

Take a look at the filth that the media is presenting to young and impressionable minds. Produced by the same evil people that manipulate and control every thing around us. There is a lot of dark occult messaging going on here. The black and white colours are masonic and occult symbology for good versus evil. This is not empowering it is debasing and it was not intended to be empowering.

The mainstream media have no problem assisting in corrupting and debasing society. It is up to the people to send a loud and clear message back telling them; this is unacceptable behaviour for decent people in a civilised world. We do not want nor need this flaunted in our faces thank you.

 I question the morality and common sense of parents, of impressionable children and teenagers permitting their children to imitate these individuals, buy their music or attend their concerts. 
 There is actually quite a high percentage of adults that can no longer reason with what is morally right or wrong. How on earth do you expect to turn children into well adjusted adults if they do not have healthy foundations to support them.

May I also say, that this behaviour has an energetic or spiritually negative affect on the individual soul, lowering the vibrational frequency of the soul, keeping the soul in a negative energy and thus creating disharmony of  the mind, body and spirit. So as you can see a parent must take responsibly of a child's development morally and spiritually.

  When negative behaviour like this is allowed to  happen on a large scale, millions or billions of times the world over, it pulls mass consciousness down. Keeping it down in a negative frequency.

This is a deliberate debasement that is put into the minds of young and impressionable children and teenagers and  some adults too. Designed to keep them away from their rightful spiritual development and spiritual freedom. This is about energy on a spiritual level and that energy is extremely powerful. The people behind the scenes are fully aware of this, and they are deliberately manipulating that energy for very dark purposes. 

P:S. This is a mind game and nothing more. The masses have been fooled once again.

You may be interested to know that the demonstration in Washington DC was run by a Muslim lady Linda Sarsour, that is pro Sharia Law. Tell me please how is she helping to liberate any woman?

Golden Grounding Cord And Protection


Visualisea golden cord coming from your true heart centre and descending down the

Centre of the Earth.  At the bottom of this cord is a big diamond or precious stone.Then

Create golden aura around yourself, but also to demonstrate to non-physical beings that you are serious, and that you are a strong person who knows what it is all about, and you are claiming your personal sovereignty: telling everybody that no one is allowed to mess with you.


This should be done several times a day. Now this golden cord, should connect from side to side and front to back to your golden aura. So that your whole body is covered. Make this aura 5 inches outside of your visible body.

Please remember that it is important to do this also before you go to sleep. Do it first thing when you awaken and throughout the day. This will keep entities away.


Also practice quantum breathing exercise.