Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Alex's Psychic ablities


Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

Clairaudient (clear hearing

Clairsentient (clear empathy,feeling)

Clairhambient AKA Clairgustance (Clear tasting)

Clairalience (Clear smelling, such as smoke, perfume food etc)

Clairtangent (psychometry and scrying this is reading form a personal object or a photograph) in some cases I hear music or the deceased person shows me a sort of psychic film in my head to relay to the client.
Other skills include:  Automatic writing, wax readings, trance Mediumship, Channelling, Masking (when a deceased person's face comes over mine) Note: this is not shapeshifting I am not comfortable with such things. I do not feel the person masking me, however I am told by the client during the consultation. This often happens to me within my family during family events and deceased loved ones mask over me to let my family know they are around and aware of the event such as a birthday or anniversary.  It is quite harmless and nothing to be afraid of.

I am also a spiritual healer which runs in my family, My father is a spiritual healer and a few of my cousins are also spiritual healers. These abilities are what a person inherits if you like over many life times and in some cases we bring them from a previous life into the current incarnation to use.

My mother was Clairalient   and Clairaudient all her life and when a loved one passed on she would hear their voice and smell their perfume or cigarette smoke if they were a smoker.  

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Readings with Alex