Thursday, 18 April 2013

Deception by shinaz

Frayed at the edges
Tattered and torn
 Going round in circles
 Feeling forlorn
 Random thoughts
 Enter my mind
 In you, security
 I'd hoped to find
 Where is the love
 You promised me?
 You weren't the man
 I thought you'd be
 You made me love you
 Then you left
 Head in pieces
 Heart bereft
 What did she have
 That I didn't give?
 Why was she
 So addictive?
 Questions I'll ask
 Again and again
 Yet find no answers
Broken; in pain
 How could you
 Do this to me?
 If only you'd asked
 I'd have set you free
 No need for the lies
 The cheat, the deceit
 Running to her
 In secret to meet
 Lying, denying
 Hidden texts
 Shrouded phone calls
 Secluded sex
 Then the admission
 The futile sorry
 Go fuck yourself
 Get hit by a lorry
 Right now the anger
 Keeps me going
 Back then
I felt my heart beat slowing
 Burning tears
 I've cried and cried
 Can't get past
 The fact you lied
 These thoughts they haunt me
 They won't abate
 The love I felt for you
 Slowly turns to hate