Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Dr Louis Turi's Newsletter 28/12/2010

Click the line above to read Dr Turi's astrology news letter. Please be aware that he is translating  his newsletter from his native French into English. If you notice any grammar issues it is down to the translation. Just improvise as you go. He has gone to enormous effort to bring this information to the world at large.

I personally have the utmost respect for this great man, please do him the courtesy of reading up on his web site and  his blog. I don't know of any other astrologer that will take the time and effort to help educate people in the intricacies of our every day lives. it may just even save someones life just by them reading and understanding what he is trying to say to the individual.

Please enjoy. XXX

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Santa Didn't Always Wear A Red Suit

Did you know that Santa's red suit wasn't always red? Traditional images of Santa were green or brown. However in the 1920's the Coca-Cola company started an advertising campaign to push the sale of their
drink all year round, the way we know it today.

Thomas Nast, a cartoonist came up with the concept of Santa in  1862, and then Haddon Sundblom in 1931, working for the Coca-Cola company for 35 years gave us the image that we have today. The power of advertising!

Too much money is spent at this time of year. People put themselves into debt for one day in the year is it really worth it? It is high time people started to go back to simpler ways of living. Sharing a nice meal with loved ones. A house gift of something consumable such as food to be shared. We don't need all the gifts that we feel obliged to go out and buy. The reason for this is the big business men are taking control of every day life, telling people to spend up big. Very few people can afford to do this in reality. We are moving into a time in history now, where people are getting fed up with all the hype. Much as I love Christmas, my Christmas tree and music. I can see at some point Christmas will eventually not be celebrated  the way we know it today. I think it will fade out of our lives in the next 50 to 100 years. Something else will come along and replace this tradition. Nothing stays the same for too long.

Perhaps to a deeper Spiritual  based celebration.
 Christianity and the concept of what we think Christmas is all about in modern times are fabrications. There is no proof that Jesus was born in December. However December 25th was picked to combine a Pagan celebration with the new Christianity in order to get more people to convert to the new faith.
It is still nice to have special days in the year for family holidays. People work so hard and deserve to have quality time to spend with loved ones. Celebrating life is very important and should never be  discouraged.

Please click on the link to read more on St Nicolas, Santa Clause and all.  Most importantly celebrate the way that you want to and have a wonderful time.

Blessings to all

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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Principle of astrology proven to be scientific: planetary position imprints biological clocks of mammals

Principle of astrology proven to be scientific: planetary position imprints biological clocks of mammals

Switzerland Considers Repealing Incest Laws


It is official the World has gone mad.

Premonition Yesterday Afternoon

Late yesterday afternoon, whilst hanging out some washing, I suddenly felt  a feeling of death.
It was a sickening feeling, just a knowing that something bad was about to happen. I knew that there was going to be a lot of deaths coming. Not where or when though. It was as if I was feeling it come through from the Universe. Telling me to keep alert to the world news.  I had the same feeling in November last year that something was going to happen in Australia. The morning of 1/11/2009 I heard the news at 6 AM. There had been an accident in Sydney Harbour, a young woman was killed. then I knew more was to come.All November  2009 was full of death.

Which brings me back to today. I read on Google news about the Bombing in Iran. Spirit guides tell me this is done by someone other than who is taking credit for the crime. Pretty sick if you ask me. God only knows what it must be like to live in full knowledge that you have killed in cold blood and not care one bit. Innocent souls that have done nothing wrong.How on Earth can someone not care about taking not just one innocent life, but many?

My heart goes out to all those poor souls that were murdered, the wounded and all their loved ones left to cope with their loss.

copyright by Alex Fulford 2011

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fun at the Australian War Memorial

Most folk visit the Australian War Memorial and don't have any strange experiences to speak of. Then there are others just like me. We pick up on the spirits that are there. I seem to be connected with the men from the Boer War and World War 1. No sooner do I set foot in the place, then it starts. Spirit just come up to me as if to say, hey want to buy a cheap watch.
I only go because my son loves the place. We do this visit 2 or 3 times a year, whether I like it or not.
 As I was saying I get into the main entrance, and lo and behold a soldier appears in spirit. The spirits are Earth bound and troubled souls. I wish I could move them all on to the light. But the simple fact is you can't make them go if they aren't ready or don't want to go. It is a sad, gut wrenching feeling just being in the  War Memorial for me.

I went with my husband and one of my sons about 2007. Both my husband and I had this overwhelming grief and hopelessness sweep over us. I felt like I was going to be sick. This was the soldiers collective pain and suffering. I have a very strong connection with WW 1 and always have. This was my last incarnation as I have  had this confirmed via deep spiritual meditation, which I will talk about later on.
While we were both there I had a young soldier of 17 in spirit come up to me. he took my hand and wanted me to meet the other spirits. He was a happy sort of young man. I could feel him so strongly. It felt like he was looking for a mother figure. I felt so sorry for him and wanted to help him. I could hear him say to other spirits in an excited voice , "Hey.. she can hear and see us".  I felt so useless as the place was full of visitors,
there was no way I would be able to communicate with them in a busy museum.

I noticed the spirits were sitting or standing in little groups talking to each other. It was like they flitted in between current time and WW 1. it is hard to explain in words.The other thing I noticed is the different war sections were divided into separate groups. As in the WW 1 guys didn't mix with the WW 2 troops etc. The reason being they are not in the same soul group. I don't pick up much from WW 2 for some reason either but I do in the Boer war, WW 1 and the modern stuff. The new section is a whole new story that I must  tell .
Walking into the new area for current day events is also quite upsetting for me, Even staff members are picking up the vibes there. One lady inn particular tries to avoid the area as much as possible. When she has to go in there she bolts through it.

I have picked up on at least 3 spirits in that area, one of which is a woman. I found her the most upsetting. I can say that experience has been the worst feeling that I have had in there. So much so that I would avoid it, if I could.

Please be aware that there is no need to be afraid of these spirit beings. They cannot and will not harm you. All they are doing is trying to communicate with the living (Physical world beings). I personally have the utmost respect  and compassion for these spirits. It is highly offensive to use spirits as a form of entertainment. So please have respect for these beings. They have the right to exist the same as we do.

The only difference between us is that we are living in a physical body. In the spirit world they don't need the physical body.

I won't go into all that technical information in this post. I shall write a post on that subject shortly.

Copyright by Alex Fulford  2010

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sending a soul to the light

A few weeks ago I was in a second hand shop with my husband. He likes a good rummage, by the way. During his searching for something of interest, he found an old Vietnam war medic's bag. He held it up and called out to me, "Hey look what I found". I walked over to him with a disturbing movie playing in my head.
I told him the owner of the bag is still attached to it. To which he said, " Yes, I can feel something and I don't like it".

The poor soul was Earth bound and quite distressed. This man was only about 25 years old when he passed on. I started to see him standing in a field waving his arms frantically at a Helicopter as it was taking off. He was yelling "Don't leave me here guys".  The feeling was sickening and very sad. I told him the others can't see him. I could see body bags being loaded on to the helicopter.  I had to explain to him that his physical body was on the helicopter, but his spirit ( the part of him that is alive) is standing on the ground watching the helicopter take off. I had to explain that he isn't in his body any more.

 I told him the date ( October 2010), and that the war has been over since 1975. I explained to him, he is in Canberra, Australia now. I told him that I can help him go to the light.

I must point out this is not the work that I normally do but I can do it. I have a moral obligation to assist souls that are trying to go to the light.

Any way on with the story, I couldn't do the clearance on the bag in the second hand shop. We bought the bag and took it home. I took the bag into the room that I work from. I sat the bag down on the table and called my guides. I lit a candle and some incense and said a prayer for  this man.
I explained all that was happening to him, and what he should do, most of all he needs to keep an open mind to the fact that he has spirit guides too . They were there to help him go home, to the light (Spirit world).

When the spirit being wants to go home it is a quick process. It only took a few minutes. I asked all the wonderful spirit beings that were present to assist this young man, return home. I explained to him, also on his arrival he will need to have healing done to help him adjust to the spirit world dimensions. When a person dies from an injury they especially need holistic healing. The reason for this is to prevent the injury  manifesting his next incarnation as a health problem in the area of the body that had been injured in the previous life.

All went well and when I handed the bag to my husband to see if he could feel anything , he said, no,  he couldn't feel anything. So I handed it to my son and told him what had happened, and if he felt anything to let me know.

There are many souls wandering the world lost, some don't know that they are dead, some souls are Earth bound  for a reason, such as to pass on a message to someone and won't go until they can pass on the message. There are many reasons for these souls being in this situation. A soul can't be forced to go to the light. It will only do so when it wants to. This is to do with the soul's free will.

I feel so sorry for that poor man being stuck in that state of suffering for all those years. It would have been a hellish form of Groundhog day. I wish him well on the other side.

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2010

UPDATE ON THIS: I have been doing a lot of reading over the past 18 months. in regards to "the light". What  made me research this was an article that I read in a magazine. It was saying is there such a thing as a "soul trap". Well I dismissed it for a while, but it started to nag at me.

What I have discovered is in fact a hell of a shock to me. I now have the moral issue of trying to inform people about my findings. Even other psychics and Clairvoyants will be divided on this matter. This is one of the reasons that I urge people to do some research, but also read the Wes Penre papers. They are free on line and can be downloaded as pdf files.

It is a real head spin for me. But now I am thinking what the hell am I to do. If I send a soul into the light, I am putting them back into the system, to be forced back down here to re incarnate instead of going out into the universe/multiverse to seek further spiritual growth, without their free will being manipulated by any tricksters or evil beings. I take my duty of care to people very seriously. I do not want to misinform or mislead any one.

I also worry about all our loved ones that are being pulled into the soul trap/the light. They can leave there at any time if they can find the way out. But and it is a big BUT! there will be loved ones trying to ask the soul or spirit to stay there. Also these entities that created the trap in the first place can shape shift and make the spirit think that they are their loved one begging them to stay. Free will must never be violated, that is why manipulation and downright lies are used. One must be wise to these tricks, but also ask the being, "Do you endorse the divine feminine. That should be a straight forward Yes/No answer. They cant try to rattle of a spiel of mumbo jumbo to confuse you at this point. There is the answer, in that case. If they have to bamboozle you, then you know right there and then it is a trap. Stand your ground and tell them to leave you alone. They must not interfere with a souls free will. It is against cosmic law. Now remember most souls do not know that they are being held in a trap. Their energy is being drained off to feed these evil beings that control humanity.

This has been going on for thousands of years. By the time the soul is allowed to leave this soul trap they are so drained of energy that most do not recover. Why are we never told this? Simple the people at the top of the food chain on this planet are involved in this too. Think about Satanic blood rituals and all that other weird stuff that goes on. Simple. I urge my readers to become better informed of spiritual matters.  I shall try my best to get an article on this subject with links on my blog ASAP.

Light is nothing without unconditional love too, that is very important to remember. When you use spiritual protection please add unconditional love to the exercise too. That added protection is important too.