Wednesday, 10 February 2016

LOL new use for false eye lashes

New Kittens

Drugs and Psychic abilities

There is also damage to the aura not just the DNA when using drugs and or alcohol.I  would take time to read through Whale to, and store it for future reference. There is some very good stuff to learn here.

Conjecture views: his masters voice in oz or zion


 Now this post might be a bit out there for some readers. Those that read metaphysical books and websites will follow what is being said on this link. I leave it to the readers to do their own research. All I am doing is providing something for my readers to have a look at. Your opinions  are your own private opinions and I have no intention to sway readers one way or the other. 

You won't  find this in mainstream books for a reason. True wisdom and true knowledge is always withheld from the masses. I am like the readers of my little blog, I  want to know things that are not mainstream. I will find my own truths in this world.  Any how enjoy the information that is here for your benefit.    

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cancellation Notice from Alex RE: The Shoalhaven Psychic Expo Feb 2016

I regret to inform everyone that I am unable to attend the upcoming Canberra Psychics Centre's Psychic Expo at Shoalhaven  this week 5 to 7 Feb 2016, due to ill health. I am sorry to disappoint anyone that was hoping to have a reading from me.

Regards Alex

Friday, 29 January 2016

Electromagnetic and Radio frequency mitigation

Yet an other very important arti le to read and share.

Ungrounded Energy

This is a rather  interesting article, please s roll down ad read the comments too. A few psychologists are now looking in to this with startling results. Many spiritualists have been fully aware of this for close on 100 years now.
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