Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lilith, the Royal family and the murdered children

This is a very well written article. It is important that people understand the hidden evil rituals that go on in full view and see them for what they really are. By the way Osiris is also known as En-Lil.
Like I say don't take my word for this do your own research. You will not learn the truth unless you as an individual do your own research. Some times you might be led down a blind alley, but don't give up. The information is publicly available due to the painstaking work done by many researchers, both past and present. They have taken the hard work out of the search for us. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Martha Heilland-Allen R.I.P

Martha Heiland-Allen, who once studied theatre, had searched for a deeper spiritual meaning in her life and had travelled to India and Asia to train in Yoga.

She enjoyed dancing and ice-skating, had hitchhiked to Dublin, trekked to Machu Picchu and attended Glastonbury festival, Westminster Coroners' Court heard.

She was in the grips of depression when she ultimately decided to take her own life, just minutes after hugging a friend goodbye.
This story caught my eye, as Yoga teachers know how to relax be sress free and disipate worry.
As i pondered on it i was aware that when someone dies part of what is called the review, where the soul back tracks and looks at the events in their lives and who they met and how they influenced their lives for good or bad, I realised I had actually met this girl in the past, and this meant I had to go find her, the spirit which was only in the body for 28 years and was still standing beside where it happened on the underground station in a dazed and very confused state.

Underground stations are not nice places, devoid of sunlight and carrying the anxious vibes of those who hurry through, they harbour all manner of elemental spirits, these impinge on our subconscious in a way that is unhealthy and unwholesome, and in turn those living people of a lower vibration are also attracted to these places, muggers alcoholics, peeping toms and other low life people graduate to these places under the earth, and a symbiotic relationship  begins with a living host and the dead, illegal squatters dont just take over buildings.
 A station master once told me there are people who live their whole sordid lives in these places eating from bins and scrounging from passengers.

However although I found this lovely girl very easy to find she had her head in her hands and was both afraid and regretful and would not listen to me, and I was aware of ugly hungry faces in the mist  around the event, and as she would not look to find any light I brought her home with me, where she told me of chilhood difficulties and so much pressure on her and just a couple of hours later I was sidelined as  beautiful powerful spirits came for her and lifting her up took her to a place of comfort and rest I could not see.
Goodbye anna and thankyou for all the live you touched

T Stokes