Friday, 23 June 2017

Alex's Card Of The Day, The Hermit

The hermit is card number 9 in the major arcana. Yet an other good little card.
Looking for answers to life's mysteries or something more closer to home. This card guarantees finding the answers that you seek, at this point in time.
You wont be satisfied until you get what your are looking for, be it a lost item, or should you take up study.

Use your inner light or wisdom to illuminate your path. Working with solid foundations such as reason, wisdom, insight and truth. Sometimes you may feel the need to be alone so as to retreat within yourself to think clearly. Now is not a time to let life's distractions get in the way of what you want. Perhaps it is a new job, good luck on your journey.

The number 9 on this card is the number of initiation, it is also the number for completeness, it is male energy, and also for conflict and communication. The number nine also corresponds to the Planet Mars in astrology.
Notice the white at the feet of the hermit. This stands for purity as does Virgo. The Hermit's lantern stands for the light of reason, his cloak for the protective mantle of self possession.
The staff that he holds connects him to the supreme being, but also the forces of nature,faith, strength and comfort. Thy rod and thy staff, the comfort me; Psalm 23.

Notice the black squiggle at his foot, this represents a snake, which is the sign of virility, but it can also represent spiritual energy (Kundalini). The Hermit card represents the astrological sign of Virgo.
A E Waite also has a lot of phallic symbology in his cards, I prefer to concentrate on the more spiritual aspects though.That's the Virgo in me coming out.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Alex's Tarot Card Of The Day: The Magician

 The Magician #1 in the major arcana.

This is a great card, very positive. It lets you know about your personal power and skills or creativity. When drawing this card in a reading you are guaranteed a successful outcome to the current situation. By using your wisdom and applying yourself diligently to the issue at hand. You have the necessary abilities within you to work things to your advantage.

The number one at the top of the card signifies the originator or primal force. This can also mean you as an individual, being original and making an impact as an innovator. Notice the yellow background, a positive and uplifting colour. This colour stands for spiritual energy also. The infinity symbol or lemniscate above the man's head stands for eternal life force. The snake belt around the man's waste is called an ouroboros which stands for the continuous time loop and connection of opposites. The magician's hands are indicating " as above so is below". In other words, as in spirit so on earth. But this is much deeper a subject with many layers of knowledge.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Alex's Tarot Card Of The Day: 5 Of Wands

Tarot card of the day Sunday 18th June 2017. 5 of Wands

This card signifies challenges to overcome whether they are negative, or indifferent challenges. It calls for thinking outside the box and working out the best options available to you.
This card is also a conflict card so be very careful in dealing with others, keep your cool and know when to back off or agree to disagree.
In health matters it signifies a hard struggle to overcome your situation. The same with money issues. 

Remember there are 4 meanings and 4 sub meanings to every card. However when working with the Tarot cards a Clairvoyant person also sees a layer of information on top of this. Sometimes we see a little movie in our mind's eye to inform the sitter or client. Nothing is ever set in stone. You have free will to change situations that you may be facing or find a way of dealing with the situation. Nothing in life is set in stone and nothing is ever guaranteed. We just have to make the best of life as we go along

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Fire brigade issue warning over flammable moisturising cream after 15 deaths

(Quote) Emollients containing paraffin and petroleum, such as some products made by E45, are used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

OMG I had no idea about this I have eczema and I am into natural products to treat my eczema.Please be very careful with the products you use on your skin, buy natural if you can.

Avoid any petrochemical products and especially anything with parabens and sulphates, they aggravate the condition. Have a look at the skin products in your local chemist/ pharmacy shop.
You will notice many of the products sold for people with skin conditions are filled with these dangerous chemicals.
Some people get on well with using PawPaw cream but for a small percentage of people, like myself it doesn't work at all.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Wes Penre site hacked again

Here we go again, poor old Wes has had his website hacked yet again. the last time it was down for almost a week and a half. That is twice this month now. He has been given the runaround by the people that support his website all that time.

Someone has a vested interest in stopping people reading this important information. I would advise fans of Wes to join his forum, the Wes Penre discussion board.
You do not want to miss out on this important information.As soon as the website is back up, go on there and download everything, but back it up externally too.

The astrologer Dr Louis Turi  has been through similar with his facebook pages being hacked, and facebook are the prime suspects behind that one fiasco. Both of these men have valuable information for people that are spiritually awake and are constantly under attack for speaking out against evil.
Just an other sign of the times where evil just keeps attacking the good people of the world relentlessly. 

UPDATE: It is back on line today 31 May 2017. How long for who can say. Just keep an eye on it.

I am just slipping this useful reading site in here for just now too. Lots of interesting reading and worth saving the link.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The cult of ignorance in the United States Anti -intellectualism and the dumbing down of America

This is something that I have also observed in Australia too. It is not just happening in  the US. One must ask why this is allowed to happen and why the masses have always refused to challenge this.

Through out the ages the Vatican had a vested interest in keeping the masses dumbed down, even down to destroying technology such as sewers. The people had to be kept in basic conditions and not to rise up to be able to think and question their controllers. Reading was only for a select few and it was in Latin. The bible was in Latin too, and was read by the priest to the people. Ensuring that everyone was indoctrinated and controlled by fear.

In modern times we have seen the communists do similar in many countries. With Communist China Mao moved the educated people to the countryside to work like peasants, some were killed. Books were forbidden except his little red book. People that wore glasses were treated as  a threat because glasses were a sign of being intelligent.  Even Hitler wanted books destroyed under his dictatorship.

There is a sick need for controlling the masses and keeping them dumbed down so that they will not rise up and question or challenge the system. In our current times we have seen some bookes being banned such as 1984 by George Orwell (Eric Blair),, then a change in government and the banned books are back in the shops and libraries.

Critical thinkers are a threat to the psychopathic governments that control humanity. But this can only come about by people being lazy and indifferent. Give the masses enough goodies and they will not care about the loss of their rights and freedom. They enjoy their slavery and will shout down anyone that speaks out of line. This is self policing and self-correcting mentality which has been taught to the masses in increments in a way that they could not even perceive, when pointed out to them.

What gives others the right to insist that other individuals accept this enslavement of the mind? This is also the enslavement of the soul also. But these individuals are very much asleep spiritually and will never awaken spiritually in this world. They do not want to because they are fearful and ignorant of  true spirituality.

How on earth can one bring a child into a world like this and subject them to this enslavement? It is a warped mentality and a form of controlled abuse.