Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Some feedback, for which I am most greatful

"I am literally blown away by what you have said", Tracie Austen-Peters of Lets talk Paranormal
Feb 2012

" HE WAS BLOWN AWAY BY YOU!!!", Alan, USA.  Feb 2012

"OMG, You are spooky Alex", Jane, Canberra, 2007

"Spot on Alex, I can't believe it". Megan G, Sydney 2006

" How did you know about my husbands tooth ache?" Carol, Canberra 2011

"OMG, That is my sister, that is amazing Alex", R.P, Solomon Islands,2011

" Thank you Alex that was wonderful" Karen H, England , March 2011

The people that come to me for readings and those that I do on Skype , I cannot thank enough for giving me the opportunity to be of service to them. Please remember people that when you allow a person to conduct a reading for you, it is you that chooses them. You are trusting the reader to be honest,open and  accurate with what is happening in your life. It is us readers that are grateful to you for believing in our abilities, to help you on your life's journey.

Readings are a two way energy exchange that benefits both of us on a spiritual level. A healing of the situation takes place on a higher level than what is perceived by the physical beings during the readings also.

The client should feel uplifted both during and after the reading.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Asian Chicken Or Pork Mince

Here is a nice yummy recipe that a good friend of mine gave me years ago. I love to share good recipes with people so please enjoy :)

At least 250gms of Chicken or Pork mince
1/2 tspn  of crushed chilli
1/2 tspn of minced garlic
1 heaped tspn of coriander
1 heaped tspn lemongrass
1 Tbl spoon of oyster sauce
1/4 tspn of fish sauce
1/2 tspn of soy sauce
1/2 tspn of ground ginger
1 tspn of sugar

place all mixture in a glass bowl and mix.
Cook mince in a Tbl spoon of vegetable oil
Add sauce and cook fora few minutes, add
2 Tbl spoons of water if too dry.

Serve with boiled rice
It is nice hot or cold

Life in Britain befor the Romans was far more advanced than we'e been told


Please watch the video in this post. It is fascinating to watch. I have a deep love of history, especially the British history , as that is where I come from originally. But our history is written by the victors remember. The word it's self explains that,"His Story".

Never mind the fact that the human race are also much older than we are told by the so called experts.
When you dig  behind the "His Story",  a different story emerges, as we are slowly starting to find out.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014



This exercise should be done daily, either when you go to bed or when get up, or as part of your daily psychic exercises.

Put yourself into a comfortable position and begin by releasing all tension and anxiety.

Visualize a ball of pure golden light floating above you. Focus on the energy of the ball -know that it is full of love and strength and peace. Try hard to FEEL these qualities in the energy of the ball.


Say in your mind, the following, this ball of pure golden light comes from the one true source in the Universe, the all that is and all that ever will be, the divine feminine.

Now bring this ball of pure golden light down over your head, neck and shoulders, and the aura around your head, neck and shoulders. Now bring the ball of light down the full length of your entire torso, and the aura around your entire torso. Say in your mind, I now also bring this ball of pure golden light down both of my arms simultaneously, all the way down to my finger tips. And, including, the aura around both of my arms too. Leaving, no holes, or gaps in or around my entire aura, and my entire body. I now draw this ball of pure golden light straight down past my torso and down both of my legs simultaneously all the way down to my ankles, and including the aura around my legs.  I now draw this ball of pure golden light down to my feet. Starting at both of my heels, simultaneously and going the full length of both of my feet to the tip of my toes. Including, the aura around my feet. Now tucking the ball of light, under my feet. I am sealed within this ball of pure golden light, leaving no holes or gaps in and around my entire body and entire aura. Safe within this ball of pure golden light, nothing negative can harm me, nor approach me, including negativity from myself. For I am protected, by the all that is and all that ever will be, the divine feminine.

By my will so may it be, and it is so.

Peace Love and Light




Note: Please remember that it is the intention of what you say that makes this powerful.There are many ways to put gold light around yourself or others. Do what works best for you. Just remember, the power of intention is the key. I also add to this Pure golden light, Pure Unconditional Love.