Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Change Of Furnishings To My Office

New look for the office. I was sad to get rid of the old stuff as I just adore the early 20th century furniture. I hope that the people who bought it from Tiny's Green Shed will have a lot of happiness and enjoyment out of it. It was sent with a lot of love and blessings to the new owner. Paying it forward is what it is all about peeps. We must pay it forward pees when ever we can to help others.

Link To Official Website Posted On Blog Now

Just advising everyone I have now put a link to my official website on the right-hand side of this blog. You will see the PayPal sign. Just click on that and it takes you through to the main page and scroll down to select the service you require. Please remember though bookings are not confirmed until the deposit is paid and you will be issued with an official receipt with your appointment time and date. Please read the notification thoroughly.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Alex's New Payment Details Effective from March 1 2017

Just breaking down the deposits starting from tomorrow

$130 AU Tarot reading  60 mins deposit is $37.00AU
$75AU Tarot reading    30 mins deposit is $37.50AU

Spiritual healing is the same for the same time. You are paying for my time with healing.

$150 Wax drawing reading 60mins deposit is $70
Please remember with this reading it is highly complex, and also the materials involved too.

The PayPal button will be on my DLook website to start with and then an update on this blog too.
Please click on the link to my Dlook website and scroll down to find the PayPal button.

please allow a couple of hours  today for it to be active (28 Feb 2017)

When making a booking I need your PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS. This helps both of us, If I have an emergency at home say, and I need to break the appointment and reschedule it. Then I can contact you immediately. For you, you know that your booking is secured. You will be given an emailed receipt to confirm your appointment. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Thanks For The Slap In The Face Ladies!

Why is it my Canberra clients have problems leaving a review on my face book page  by email or my Dlook page
 I am talking regular clients over many , many years, as well as people that come 2 or 3 times a year who say how amazing I am when, I pass on spirit messages and tell them things that I have no possible way of knowing. Yet many other readers have oodles of reviews.
So tell me ladies why will you not leave me feedback.? A simple request which is on the top of e...very multi page hand out that I give every client in the past 11 years of highly skilled professional readings. You come into my home and yet you insult me.
Not one person that has been in the heart breaking situation of losing a spouse or child have I charged, for hour long readings often going into two hours, at my own time and at much loss to me financially WHY? Because I care about humanity? So it's ok?
Not one of these people, have ever shown me a tiny bit of thanks, by leaving me a small written thank you of a few words in an email. This is most galling, down right sickening. They just walk out the door of my home and that's it. I feel deeply for them otherwise at the end of the reading to their surprise, I tell them I cannot accept payment from you. You are grieving and have a funeral to pay for.
Feel free to find a new fool , that will blow smoke up your arses ladies. You know what I lost a son last year, I know what pain and suffering is I have lost 2 children in the past 18 years. I ask for nothing. I humbly have asked my clients only 3 times in 11 years to be kind enough to leave me a little feed back. But hey you know what I will never ask again.

I am a fool to trust you in the first place. There will never be any more free readings for any one. I have to pay top dollar ( when in a situation where I was suffering) for a reading; that does not even cover the stuff that I cover and often go over time with . No it's times up and out the door. Is it perhaps because I am spiritual that people think here's a fool? Spiritual does not mean that I am an idiot!! The actions of the selfish though; speaks volumes that I will not forget!

Its the last time that I will be a willing and gullible fool. Thank you ladies for slapping my face I sure needed it. But no more freebies. and pay by PAYPAL from now on There will be no other option. Yes, I get the odd one that says at the end Oh I don't have enough with me. Clearly knowing so before hand and having the gal to come into my home! Thanks for the slap in the face I needed it.

Alex's Fees Are Changing As Of March 1, 2017

As of Wednesday,1st March 1 2017 Readings fees will be increased to $130.00 per hour, $75 for 30 mins as will healing. Wax readings will be $150. I have kept my fees the same for 11 years while others have increased their fees. So I feel that it is only right to do likewise. Stay tuned for further updated to new payment details to be posted shortly.


Moth Holes in Your Soul

To accept the spirit of generosity in a dishonest way eats away at the soul. It is more prudent to be wise and live life with integrity rather than have little moth holes in your soul. Alex Fulford

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Can I Please Have Some Client Feedback

Hi peeps

Would people that have had readings from me, be ever so kind as to leave a comment on my Facebook page and on my DLook advert. I would be ever so grateful, as it also helps people make up their mind as to whom they may decide to have a reading from.

Readings are such a very intimate thing and one needs to be able to discern who is the right person to conduct a reading for you. Whether it is of a personal nature, work or business related etc. We are drawn to a particular Psychic or Clairvoyant for a particular reason.

Much love and gratitude